My name is Monica Griffin (Micqa)


I have been sewing and designing for over 15 years.

I graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in San Francisco, CA and have worked in a variety of sewing and textile mediums;  from fashion design, everyday wear to custom work, costume attire, pattern~drafting, reconstruction, piecework, alterations, tailoring, draping, accessories and home décor.

My former label Wisp~her Wear has become Wysterium Wear, as I am now working in men’s, women’s and children’s wear.  My designs are one of a kind, handmade, designed and detailed by myself; many from conceptual drawings, beginning from pattern~draft to end result.   I mostly work in black framed with color and color framed with black.   Can and will do all color depending upon the project. 

I have worked with many talented photographers, models, hair and make-up artists~ primarily in the Bay Area.   I have produced, directed and designed for the Emerging Illusions (2007-08) fashion shows in San Francisco, CA and Infinite Swirl (1999) in Portland OR.  I have also participated and vended in many other local fashion shows and events along the West Coast.  

In 2011, my designs were featured in the Art  Attack fashion show at Supper Club SF and the film Glitter Emergency produced by Paul Festa.

My designs have most recently been published in June 2014 Gothic Beauty Magazine;  issue #44, April 2014 Dark Beauty Magazine; punk issue,  January 2014 Cloud Orchid Magazine; issue #6 and May 2008 Blue Blood Magazine.. and more to come!  :)

My philosophy on Fashion and the Arts~

There is endless talent far and wide across these lands.   Much of it awaiting a place to where it may fit and grow in it's part.                                           The awakening of the expansion of growth and true desire within.                                                                                                                                      Imagine it finding a  place in the world where it is given the opportunity to evolve to it's greater purpose, for all to share in its true form.                     Where dreams and desires manifest to a reality of much hope and beauty with the power of love from within.                                                                        For all to be able to share the internal passions for the next growth in evolution for all to come.                                                                                                 Support leads to connections, collections, communities, courtesy, creativity, colorful arrays, collaborations, care, compassion and correct clarity of common interests.    We all have a purpose, so let us all share in each others true enlightenment's to a greater success story for all to come.   :)